The Evolution of An0nGhost (November 2012 – September 2013)

Posted: 9th October 2013
The Evolution of An0nGhost (November 2012 – September 2013)

The most infamous cyber collective, Anonymous, remains highly active several years after its inception. A lesser-known group, An0nGhost, is another globally distributed collective of hackers.

In contrast to Anonymous, An0nGhost has a recognized head figure in Mauritania Attacker and a relatively clearcut network of 25-30 affiliated hackers. The group’s entire existence has been chronicled, and we’ve described its evolution on the next page using web intelligence and visualizations from Recorded Future.

This series of network and timeline pairings explain the evolution of An0nGhost, from the group’s foundation in November 2012 to its rumored dissolution in September 2013.

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