Automating Security With Recorded Future

Posted: 11th February 2020
By: The Recorded Future Team
Automating Security With Recorded Future

Companies of all sizes and across all industries — from retail, to manufacturing, to financial services — are embracing automation and orchestration to optimize existing processes, reduce costs, address personnel gaps, and gain a competitive edge.

As threats continue to grow, budgets continue to tighten, and the skills gap crisis reaches epic proportions, many organizations are recognizing the increased need to automate — and they are finding that security is a natural place to start.

In the video below, hear how automating security drives Recorded Future’s product development. You’ll also learn how our clients improve team efficiencies, extend the value of existing security tools, and more effectively combat threat actors by automatically inserting security intelligence into their processes and decision-making.

But don’t take our word for it! This video also features a Recorded Future client who is harnessing the power of intelligence-driven automation to streamline workflows. Find out how automation empowers her and a small (but mighty) team of security analysts to focus on the high-value work that only humans can do.

If you’ve already begun to automate security with SOAR technology — congratulations! You’re on the right path to a comprehensive automation strategy.

Download our new e-book to discover five more ways you should automate security with intelligence to supercharge your security teams, tools, and processes.