Product Updates: Publish Time Filter, New Advanced Search, and Hide Feature

Posted: 5th December 2012
Product Updates: Publish Time Filter, New Advanced Search, and Hide Feature

We have another exciting round of updates to announce for Recorded Future including the addition of a publication time filter, an improved advanced search panel, and the option to hide events from view before sharing or export.

Details and examples can be found below for the most recent updates that are now live!

Publication Date Filter


Ever wanted to see how the world looked at a given point in time? We’ve made it simple to rewind time in order to capture a snapshot of events as they were known or forecast before, after, or during a particular period of time.

Here’s an example of partnerships for Microsoft and Google during the next twelve months as reported during November of 2012 .

Advanced Search Panel


As you can see in the above images, we’ve completely revamped the query building tools to make complex temporal analysis dead easy. Clicking the magnifying glass in the upper left of Recorded Future allows for selection of entities, events (individual or by category), time, location, and keyword.

Hide Events from View


Adding annotations to live views has been possible for several months, but it’s now also possible to hide individual events from a visualization. This allows you to curate a view for clarity or remove anything irrelevant to your analysis prior to exporting or sharing!

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