Pattern of Life: The Tsarnaev Brothers

Posted: 23rd April 2013
 Pattern of Life: The Tsarnaev Brothers

The world learns more by the hour about the Tsarnaev Brothers, Dzhokhar (19) and Tamerlan (26 when killed on Friday), allegedly responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings last week. Their lives in the United States, travel activities since arriving in the country, and reputation amongst peers and family are slowly becoming clear, and every new detail provides a small bit of additional color to those believed to be behind the bombings that left three dead and more than 180 injured.

We’re also interested in the answers to several more specific questions that can be derived from the burst of reporting on the brothers:

Doku Umarov Connections

Examining a strand highlighted by our friend The Jester there are suggestions of a possible connection to between Tamerlan and Chechen militant leader and al-Qaida affiliate Doku Umarov

These storylines and connections will fill out as we learn more from the younger brother Dzhokhar’s testimony.