Cyber Security in 2015: Tom Davenport’s Optimistic View in the Wall Street Journal

Posted: 7th January 2015
Cyber Security in 2015: Tom Davenport’s Optimistic View in the Wall Street Journal

Exclusive: Wall Street Journal interviews Recorded Future and its customers. Read now.

By all accounts, 2014 has been a very active year for cyber security with multiple high-profile breaches culminating with the Sony Pictures incident. Going into 2015, the spotlight on both cyber attackers and defenders has never been sharper as this issue hits the mainstream.

Tom Davenport, in his opening column for 2015 via the Wall Street Journal titled “An Optimistic Lens on Cyber Security,” discusses how in 2015 the balance of power can be tilted in favor of the defenders who can deploy threat intelligence to anticipate threats and secure their organization before attacks occur. In his article, Tom Davenport writes how Dave Ockwell-Jenner, senior information security architect at SITA, was able to gain real value from threat intelligence:

… Dave Ockwell-Jenner at the aviation technology and services firm SITA (, says that Recorded Future has alerted them to at least two important events in the few months they have been using it. One involved a data breach at an air travel industry organization in which SITA participates, and SITA was able to wall off that entry into their domain. Another involved a breach of credentials at an airline customer and partner of SITA, and SITA was able to notify the airline before they knew of it otherwise—certainly a value-added service to a customer.

Check out Tom Davenport’s Wall Street Journal column, “An Optimistic Lens on Cyber Security.”