Next-Level Vulnerability Management Needs Attack Surface Intelligence

Posted: 27th September 2022
By: Ellen Wilson
Next-Level Vulnerability Management Needs Attack Surface Intelligence

As cyber threats become increasingly advanced, many vulnerability and risk management programs can't keep up. They often rely on outdated, static lists of your assets that fail to include newly spun-up public-facing and out-of-policy assets, leaving these missed and unprotected. Every one of these exposed assets puts your organization at risk. Adding Attack Surface Intelligence to your vulnerability management program gives you the broader picture you need to protect your whole attack surface.

Get more from your vulnerability management program

Vulnerability management and external attack surface management go hand in hand to increase your environment's security and reduce risk. From a vulnerability management perspective, the challenge is primarily centered on the network's individual assets and their internal configurations and software – and is essential to cybersecurity. However, security teams face increasing challenges in optimizing their program – or even keeping up – as more employees bring their own devices to work (BYOD) or need access to the organization's assets from home. The attack surface is expanding faster than many security teams can manage.

To manage this, you need to get more out of your vulnerability management program with better inputs. A complete view of your attack surface leads to thorough vulnerability scanning that significantly reduces risk to the business. Intelligence enables this by instantly identifying vulnerabilities – even newly disclosed – that are risk scored in real-time to the exposures relevant to your organization.

Understaffing is another problem cybersecurity teams commonly face, causing teams to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of vulnerabilities they need to track and mitigate.

The key to dealing with this issue is the ability to prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk, powered by real-time evidence. Attack Surface Intelligence enables you to go beyond identifying previously unknown assets to systematically scanning with deep context on hostnames, domains, IPs, SSL certificates, and more. This makes your attack surface easier to manage, helps ensure adherence to security and compliance mandates and gives you evidence to justify the urgency of patching and mitigation actions to leadership and IT asset owner.

Attack Surface Intelligence for Vulnerability Management

Recorded Future makes it easy to get the insight you need to better understand your infrastructure and external attack surface.

Recorded Future Attack Surface Intelligence provides defenders with a complete understanding of their attack surface via real-time snapshots and historical views of all on-premise and cloud-based assets on the internet at any given time.

Taking a unified, outside-in view of your organization's external infrastructure enables the teams to navigate across disparate technologies and quickly map and resolve vulnerabilities. This complete toolset allows vulnerability teams to see the organization's blind spots, which are visible – and exploitable – to adversaries. Take back the advantage so your teams can act first.

With Attack Surface Intelligence, teams can better understand their infrastructure and external attack surface. When combined with the real-time risk scoring in Vulnerability Intelligence, they can more confidently prioritize patching efforts and integrate insights into their vulnerability management workflows and tools for greater risk reduction for the business.

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