Netanyahu Quieter on Iran

Posted: 18th May 2012
Netanyahu Quieter on Iran

The possibility of an Israeli preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear sites has long been on the radar, and Israel’s leadership, particularly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has never been shy about discussing the issue. This vocalness provides analysts a nice data set with which to work in looking for signals and trends related to his stance on the issue.

We can use Recorded Future to analyze this collection of statements made by Netanyahu about Iran during the last two years:

The density of statements in recent months is notable, and some of those are particularly foreboding:

  • “Iran has been given a freebie.”
  • “…would not want to bet the security of the world on Iran’s rational behaviour.”
  • “Iran has not rolled back or stopped its nuclear program one iota.”

Given the typical volume at which we expect Netanyahu to discuss Iran, periods of silence and a slowdown in chatter become as interesting as the outbursts. And prior to today, when Netanyahu was quoted saying, “I see no evidence that Iran is ready to end its nuclear program,” there had been nothing from the Israeli PM for more than a week after surprisingly forming a broad coalition with the Kadima party in the Knesset.

Keep close tabs on the statements made by Netanyahu by visiting here or the view above and create an alert.