Monitoring the Impact of China’s Latest Bird Flu Scare

Posted: 5th April 2013
Monitoring the Impact of China’s Latest Bird Flu Scare

Taking a break from our recent programming of terrorism and cyber analysis, we’re keeping a close eye on the spread of H7N9, a new strain of bird flu, in China. As of writing, 14 cases have been identified in and around Shanghai including six deaths. The Economic Observer Online was one of the earliest sources to report on the new bird flu cases identified by China’s National Health and Family Planning Organization breaking the story around 12:15 AM EST on March 31. You can monitor the latest in real-time using Recorded Future.

Precautionary measures were quickly taken by both the Chinese government (health warnings and videos, extended flu center offerings)  and neighboring countries. You can explore reporting from Chinese language sources on the subject:

Concerns have emerged about a wider spread of the disease than currently revealed, and as severity of the outbreak grows, so does the potential international health and economic impact: Vietnam shut down its Chinese poultry imports and increased controls at its border; the Philippines has considered – though currently held back on – a ban on Chinese tourists; passengers arriving in Seoul from China are being checked with thermal imaging equipment for high temperatures. Other countries such as Malaysia have communicated that there have yet to be any local cases of H7N9 identified.