Monitoring the Crises in Cairo and Benghazi

Posted: 12th September 2012

[Originally posted on Analysis Intelligence.]

Protests and attacks yesterday aimed at U.S. diplomatic sites in Cairo and Benghazi, including the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, left political officials bracing for further anti-American protests across North Africa and the Middle East.

Monitor the Latest Developments

Selecting the links below displays a live feed from Recorded Future for each location that looks at the latest events in:

  • Cairo
  • Benghazi

Identifying Future Events

In addition to monitoring current developments, it will be key to identify events set to take place in the near future, and below you’ll find what is planned for the rest of the week in Libya and Egypt.

Embassy and Consulate Protests

The timeline below shows forecast events over the next three days related to United States embassies or consulates. These events are not necessarily linked to location.

Planned Protests in US Diplomatic Locations

This live, interactive map shows planned protest events in North African and Middle East cities that appear to be most at risk based on American diplomatic sites in those locations.