Live Tracking Protests in Middle East & North Africa

Posted: 14th September 2012
Live Tracking Protests in Middle East & North Africa

Given the rapid spread of anti-American protests we’ve embedded a map of current and planned protests events in the MENA region to help follow the latest:

MENA Protest Map – Click for live view

We’ll also aggregate planned protests and demonstrations that we’re able to identify to help anticipate future security risks [last updated on Monday, September 17 at 10:30am ET]:

Monday, September 17:
  • In Islamabad, tonight with Nadeem Malik (Protest against Gustakhana Film) 14th September 2012.
  • In Lebanon, Ok, so basically expect protests across #Lebanon in #Hezbollahareas for the rest of the week (minus Tuesday & Thurs).
Tuesday, September 18:
  • In Bangkok, Muslim protest planned against US Embassy in Bangkok,Tuesday 18 September 2012 | Thailand Travel Tips
    In Srinagar, The Kashmir Economic Alliance today called for a complete shutdown on September 18 to protest the blasphemous and anti Islamic video.
Wednesday, September 19:
  • In Colombo, “SLTJ has organized a protest against the USA Film “INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS” on 19.09.2012 @1.30pm at our Head Office Colombo”
  • In Lahore, Protest in front of American Counselette (near Press Club) inLahore on 19 sept,Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

Thursday, September 20:

  • In Karachi, the students of KU, NED, SSUET, IIEE,ACCA and UIT arearranging a protest rally at University Road, NIPA , Karachi at 1 pm onThursday (September 20, 2012) against the offensive content against Islam.

Friday, September 21:

  • In Manama, after gov warned Alwefaq of illegal march in the capital, they launched a new one calling for sept 21 protest in Manama
  • In Lahore, Karachi, and London, there are calls for protests on September 21.
  • In Tripoli, “Calls for mass protests for Syria on 21/9, would be lovely if it was spread so we can show the West a millions march for Syria.”
  • In Benghazi, Protests planned outside outside Benghazi’s Tbilisi Hotelagainst extremist attacks, calls for security on 21 Sept.
  • In Cairo, 
Saturday, September 22:
  • In London, protest outside US Embassy 2pm Sunday 22nd September
Sunday, September 23:
  • In Morocco, February 20 movement to resume social protests on Sunday, September 23.

Thursday, September 27:

  • In Kuala Lumpur, amid raging angry protests worldwide over anti-Islam defamatory film, Malaysia Muslim leaders called on Monday, September 17, for a mass prayer next Thursday.
Archive of predicted protest events:

Saturday, September 15:

  • In Yemen, the “hutíes” Shiite separatists have called a march to the square of Al Taguir the U.S. embassy, while the Reform Party, the political arm of the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, organized a large prayer tomorrow at noon tribute to the prophet.
  • In Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood leaders have called for a nationwide protest in Cairo tomorrow against an anti-Islamic video posted onYouTube.
  • In Tunisia, journalists are planning a general strike on September 15 in protest against increasing attacks on freedom of the press.
  • In Islamabad, a JuD spokesperson said his group and the Tehrik-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool would organise a protest in Islamabad tomorrow afternoon.
  • In KarachiTHE GRAND PROTEST in Karachi AGAINST DEFAMATORY FILM ON PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) Date: September 15, 2012. There are also rumbles of a protest at the US Embassy.
  • In Riyadhpeople are planning a protest at a McDonalds.
  • In Ammanprotests are planned at the US Embassy.

Sunday, September 16:

  • Pakistan Youth Alliance announce, protest on Sunday 16-Sep-2012 in Lahore in solidarity with victims of sectarianism.
  • Silent protest in front of Byblos bank on macnimir street on Sunday at 6 against the attacks on embassies #Sudan.
  • In Amsterdam, the U.S. Consulate General in Amsterdam has been informed about two demonstrations planned for the area in protest of the film, “Innocence of Muslims.”  Dutch police are aware of these demonstrations which will take place in front of the Consulate General on the Museumplein.
  • In Kerala, a protest march in solidarity to the Kudankulam struggle is being organised on 16-09-2012, Sunday from Parassala in Kerala toKudankulam.
  • In Londonrumored protests on Twitter.