Introducing Recorded Future AI: AI-driven intelligence to elevate your security defenses

Posted: 11th April 2023
By: Kalpana Singh and Jake Munroe
Introducing Recorded Future AI

The new world order combined with traditional challenges brings more complexity to security teams

The world is growing increasingly complex, and organizations can't keep up with the risk and exposures they face. This is due to factors like geopolitical instability, innovative cyber threats, ongoing and future wars, rampant software vulnerabilities, and more. The risks that organizations face are more daunting than ever, and the attack surfaces they face are more extensive. Risk is no longer siloed and it can impact multiple parts of the organization. The World Economic Forum Global Security Outlook for 2023 mentioned that “the character of cyber threats has changed and now believe that cyberattackers are more likely to focus on business disruption and reputational damage.”

But they also have to stay ahead of complexity. For example, the amount of data organizations must process and analyze is growing exponentially. This can be hard for talented cybersecurity and intelligence workers, because the speed and scale of threats is overwhelming and hard to keep up with. This is also not ideal for organizations when they are facing an acute shortage of cybersecurity talent. In fact, a recent report from ISC² states that there is still a need for more than 3.4 million security professionals, an increase of over 26% from previous year’s numbers.

Organizations face many problems, from strategic risks to traditional challenges. To keep up, they need to use technology to automate basic tasks and allow analysts to do the work they're good at, analysis.

This should be no surprise with all of the news and application of it recently, but this is where the power of AI can drastically help and is why analysts and leaders alike should be excited to safely and correctly adopt AI to have it work with them to ease the pain of the factors highlighted above.


Announcing Recorded Future AI — automating the intelligence cycle

Recorded Future has been a pioneer in the field of intelligence since its founding in 2009. Over the past decade, we have developed advanced algorithms and analytics for collecting, processing, and analyzing over 100 terabytes of text, images, and technical data into relevant, refined intelligence.

By leveraging this data, we have enabled organizations and governments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to prevent attacks before they occur. This has been especially valuable in the context of complex cyber and physical threat landscapes, where traditional approaches to threat intelligence may not be sufficient. Our focus has been to automate the early stages of the intelligence cycle to flip the 80/20 principle - where analysts spend 80% of their time doing things like collection, aggregation, and processing and only 20% doing actual analysis. Imagine if 80% of their time was freed up to actually spend on analysis, reporting, and taking action to reduce risk and secure the organization?

Now, with the launch of Recorded Future AI, we are taking our capabilities to the next level, making the world’s largest intelligence repository, the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud, smarter than ever. By integrating AI and machine learning deeper in the intelligence cycle in the analysis, production, and dissemination stages, Recorded Future AI is able to quickly identify and prioritize the most important threats and vulnerabilities, and provide actionable intelligence to analysts in real time. Leveraging the power of AI, we are now able to automate many of the time-consuming tasks involved in threat analysis, freeing up analysts to focus on higher-level strategic activities.


Recorded Future AI benefits for executives: Recorded Future AI benefits for analysts:
  • Get answers you need to focus on actions vs. sifting through data
  • Reduce searching, summarizing and report writing time by hours / days
  • Get real-time analysis and reporting that looks like a trained analyst wrote it
  • Get answers for your leaders and cross-functional team in minutes to enable them to make decisions
  • Reduce security talent gap by focusing your analysts on tasks that need human insights
  • Reduce manual work so you can focus on tasks that need your expert human insights

  • Overall, the integration of AI into the intelligence cycle is a game-changer for security and intelligence professionals, and Recorded Future is again at the forefront of supporting analysts and leaders alike by leveraging machines and humans.

    How does Recorded Future AI work? Incorporating OpenAI's state-of-the-art pre-trained transformer model, GPT, with its industry-leading Intelligence Cloud, Recorded Future has demonstrated the game-changing impact of AI in the intelligence industry.

    Recorded Future AI is trained on over 10 years of threat analysis from Insikt Group, the company’s threat research division, and is now combined with the insights of the Recorded Future Intelligence Graph. Recorded Future automatically collects and structures data related to both adversaries and victims from text, imagery, and technical sources, and uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and map insights across billions of entities in real time.

    Integrated across the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud Platform, Recorded Future AI is available to all existing Recorded Future clients today. Applying true AI capabilities to intelligence, Recorded Future AI provides real-time threat landscape analysis and actionability at internet-scale; enables analyst efficiency to help compensate for skills shortages; and provides intelligence-driven insights so organizations can make decisions before adversarial activity impacts business outcomes.

    Key capabilities of Recorded Future AI to support security leaders and analysts:

    • Trained by Intelligence Graph - the largest dataset of open web, dark web and technical data
    • Summary and analysis style trained on a decade of expert insight
    • Transparency on top sources used for analysis
    • Integrated into the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud to enable multiple use-cases and workflows for analysts

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