International Community Prepares for North Korea Nuke Test

Posted: 29th January 2013
 International Community Prepares for North Korea Nuke Test

News continues to pour out around the web of North Korea preparing for nuclear tests, and the United Nations has announced its readiness to identify any testing of atomic weapons. Here are a few Recorded Future views to keep tabs on key future events and dates as well as the international community’s interactions and responses to the government in Pyongyang.

Key upcoming events:

As talk of a new nuclear test grow and North Korea warns of “strong action”, action from the international community has been considerable. Just during the last two weeks we’ve seen the United Nations confirm new sanctions, Japan launch two intelligence satellites that will be used in part to monitor North Korea, and China, typically North Korea’s top ally in the region, agreeing with US representatives on necessary action against further nuclear testing.

Later this week, we’ll look deeper at some of the open source intelligence signals around North Korea’s nuclear developments. But in the meantime, use the tools in this Recorded Future report on North Korea to analyze the latest news.