Using Intelligence to Prioritize AWS Guard Duty Alerts

Posted: 10th March 2021

Security operations teams are inundated with alerts and threats making it difficult for them to identify what is important. Intelligence integrated into third-party products can help prioritize, but one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to intelligence, and bad data can actually lead to more noise. At Recorded Future we improve security by making it easier to find and address the alerts that matter using external context around potential threats.

One of our core guiding principles at Recorded Future is that security intelligence is for everyone. No matter what security role you have or business area you work in within your organization, intelligence makes a big difference. This is why we introduced Recorded Future Express — our browser extension that delivers real-time risk scores and context on indicators of compromise and vulnerabilities at zero cost.

Recorded Future Express works with AWS Guard Duty to dramatically accelerate investigation time. Intelligence is delivered directly on top of AWS GuardDuty, making it fast and easy to ensure that your AWS environment is protected. Use Recorded Future Express with AWS GuardDuty to speed up threat detection, investigation, and response to threats.

Keeping your AWS Environments safe with Recorded Future Express

When you see a finding in your AWS GuardDuty platform that you are interested in, simply click on it and then activate that Recorded Future Express browser extension. Express automatically reads the page and reports back with a simple 0-99 risk score, helping you to quickly determine whether you should be concerned. Recorded Future also provides context, showing you exactly why an indicator is risky. You can use this to quickly determine if an alert merits escalation.

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