Independent Review of Recorded Future: Everything PR

Independent Review of Recorded Future: Everything PR

An excerpt below from the thoughtful write-up about Recorded Future by Mihaela Lica on the Everything PR blog:

The easiest way to explain this is from the news journalist’s perspective… As a journalist, you know that in order to provide value for your readers, you have to be among the first reporting the news. When companies send you exclusive information via email or other means, you are in luck. When you get a “tip” that something will happen before anyone else, you are in luck again.

Consider Recorded Future such a source – an entity able to deliver relevant information before it happens… Recorded Future simplifies your work a great deal, by searching for relevant information ahead of time, and delivering relevant alerts (and information) to your mailbox as often as you like (daily, weekly, or as it happens).

The way the information is gathered was already illustrated above, but to emphasize how Recorded Future brings value in the end, let me rephrase the obvious: the engine searches with the four W’s of writing in mind – What, Who, Where and When are all there. You’ll only need to figure out the why… and Recorded Future delivers all the information you need to get smart.

You can read much more in the full article from Everything PR here: “Recorded Future Knows Tomorrow – Already”.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Recorded Future’s news analytics technology works, you can read our temporal analytics white paper.  Have questions or think you have an application for your work? Please contact us!