Hacktivists Drive Awareness with Steubenville Protests

Posted: 7th January 2013

History is full of instances where products, people, and organizations have found themselves become representative of something greater. Sometimes they enter the popular lexicon as verbs; many describe their web search by a brand: they “Google”. The Occupy Movement has found its name cast as a clarion call for the marginalized in anti-institutional protests: they “Occupy. And the hacktivist collective Anonymous has taken up the Occupy flag in shining light on a case of alleged rape in Steubenville, Ohio.

The growing public response and media attention shows the power and influence of transforming “occupy” from a physical movement to a rallying cry, and local Steubenville protesters were bolstered just before Christmas by the Occupy Steubenville campaign organized by Anonymous. There doesn’t appear to have been a formal Occupy chapter in Steubenville as there now are in larger towns and cities around the country, but you can see the massive effect achieved by Anonymous in leveraging the movement’s spirit:

Momentum around the Anonymous campaign and on the ground activity grew significantly during and after the second round of protests took place in Steubenville this past Saturday. The leaked information and video content by Anonymous continues to fuel news coverage of an increasingly ugly case and awareness is growing fast ahead of a third protest planned for the Jefferson County Courthouse on February 2 You can follow and analyze the latest news on the case using Recorded Future