Goldman Courts IPO Prospects

Posted: 6th December 2016
Goldman Courts IPO Prospects

Techcrunch reported over the weekend that Goldman Sachs quietly hosted a meeting with a group of fast growing web start ups. The post reports these are companies that the big bank sees as likely IPO prospects.

The web holds bits and pieces of speculation about what’s in store for many of the more than forty companies, and below is a view that we’ve compiled for you to take a look at predicted events and commentary related to the next several years for the group of meeting attendees.


Predicted Events for IPO Targets - Click for Live View

Some highlights from the full set of results that you can explore live:

  • Rovio’s future is the most discussed of the ~40 companies. It is followed by Square and Dropbox.
  • Projections for Dropbox  include a 300 million strong user base and revenue of $260 million by the end of 2013.
  • Sources most often breaking these predictions? Private Equity Hub and VentureBeat.

Thoughts on which of the companies from Techcrunch’s list of meeting attendees will IPO first?