Trending Threat Indicators in Your Inbox Every Day: Free Cyber Daily From Recorded Future

Posted: 28th May 2015

With an abundance of data floating around the web, it’s hard to piece it all together to identify vulnerability and attack information that indicates a real threat to your organization. Understanding the top trending threat indicators allows you to focus on the most important threats and drive down risk.

Enhance Your Security With Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future continuously analyzes the entire web to provide deep, detailed insight into emerging threats by automatically collecting, analyzing, and organizing billions of data points from the web.

Now, all IT security professionals can access this information about top trending threat indicators. Recorded Future is excited to announce the general availability of our free Cyber Daily email. Security teams looking to use threat intelligence to help make better decisions, can now quickly and easily do so with the Cyber Daily.


When you sign up for our Cyber Daily email, every day you’ll receive the top results in each category for trending technical indicators that Recorded Future has analyzed from the web over the last 24 hours:

  • Information Security Headlines: Top trending news stories.
  • Top Targeted Industries: Companies targeted by cyber attacks, grouped by their industries.
  • Top Hackers: Organizations and people recognized as hackers by Recorded Future.
  • Top Exploited Vulnerabilities: Identified vulnerabilities with language indicating malcode activity. These language indicators range from security research (“reverse engineering,” “proof of concept”) to malicious exploitation (“exploited in the wild,” “weaponized”).
  • Top Vulnerabilities: Identified vulnerabilities that generated significant amounts of event reporting, useful for general vulnerability management.

For more information, simply click on the indicators in your email to view details live inside the Recorded Future product.

Tom Doyle, CIO at EBI Consulting, says, “I look forward to the Cyber Daily update email every morning to start my day. It’s timely and exact, with a quick overview of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. For organizations looking to strengthen their security program with threat intelligence, Recorded Future’s Cyber Daily is the perfect first step that helps to prioritize security actions.”

Mike Saurbaugh, Manager of Information Security at Corning Credit Union, adds, “Recorded Future’s Cyber Daily streamlines mounds of OSINT activity data into a single, at-a-glance communication message for security teams to focus on what matters most. They can see what’s actively being exploited as well as identify future attacks. The Cyber Daily awareness is the catalyst for an actionable plan to mitigate the risk as well as to validate that systems are adequately hardened. This insight and responsive action can then be used in intradepartmental, company-wide, and board of directors reporting.”

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Where Does the Data Come From?

Recorded Future analyzes over 700,000 web sources and automatically extracts emerging trends and indicators which are then presented in the Cyber Daily. Check out our FAQ for more information.

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