2017 — A Spectacular Year for Recorded Future

Posted: 2nd January 2018
2017 — A Spectacular Year for Recorded Future

Now the Largest Independent Threat Intelligence Provider

I always hesitate writing pieces like this as it will unavoidably sound like bragging. However, as we’ve grown so quickly and the tent keeps getting bigger and bigger, it makes a lot of sense to take stock at the end of the year and celebrate great accomplishments across the board.

Upfront I think it’s also right to say that I will focus on the “good stuff.” You can be quite sure there were plenty of areas for improvement in 2017. There always are — and tech companies are really the worst at admitting it. We try to do slightly better, however, this outlet is not the right forum for that. Praise in public, correct in private!

With that — first of all, Recorded Future grew by leaps and bounds in 2017. We now have more than 200 customers in probably more than 25 countries and, last time we counted, from 24 different industries. 36,000 people get our Cyber Daily intel brief every day — we believe this to be the largest daily intel brief in the world. Some of our client contracts are now by far the largest threat intelligence contracts in existence.

Another exciting component of 2017 was the accolades from our customers, which you can see in both our industry-leading net promoter score (NPS) and ranking on Gartner Peer Insights.

Our business grew just around 100 percent which is pretty awesome at this size.

With that we’re very happy to make the claim that we’re the largest independent threat intelligence provider, by both size of company as well as size of collection and analysis. We’re comfortable making large claims about our real-time collection and analysis in front of the most fancy of government-run intelligence agencies. We’re proud to collect across open, closed/dark, and technical sources and are perhaps even prouder of our intel team — Insikt Group — that is now pursuing research on both criminal and APT/state actors. Underpinning all of this is a core belief that all-sourced intelligence wins.

We always try to run an efficient shop at Recorded Future (hey it’s Boston, not Silicon Valley), but we’ve grown the team in every aspect this last year and it’s been terrific to see both the growth in our team members as well as the just incredible new people walking through the door. The tent got bigger and stronger!

However, it’s not just about our own people. Our customers and partners have played an incredibly important role in getting to where we got this year. Thank you to all our customers who are such incredible people and organizations to work with. It’s literally a joy to serve you (even on a tough day!). Our awesome partners include companies like Splunk, IBM, Palo Alto, Optiv, etc. etc. — it’s a long list of probably close to 100 companies around the world. I hope we’ll spend a lot of time together this year!

Yes — this year — 2018 is here and we have some incredible work in front of us. Threat intelligence is coming into its own. I really think it’s breaking out of being “something for the one percent” and that will open up incredible opportunities. We have big product announcements coming later this month that we believe will change the threat intelligence market. Quite exciting!