Authorized Reseller Contract With Carahsoft Enables Public Sector Support

Posted: 3rd March 2020
Authorized Reseller Contract With Carahsoft Enables Public Sector Support

A seemingly endless wave of cyberattacks on government organizations, as shown through the analysis of cyber activity research, reinforces today’s reality: cyberattacks are an effective way for nation-states to achieve their objectives — which we believe will be increasingly true as attribution becomes more difficult.

Recorded Future is working to accelerate key decision-making with contextual, geopolitical intelligence, helping government entities to protect assets and understand shifting dynamics in the areas that matter to them.

Most recently, this commitment to security intelligence comes through our partnership with Carahsoft. Recorded Future will work with Carahsoft to provide cybersecurity support to approved organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. intelligence community, as announced by Carahsoft, surrounding its Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) blanket purchase agreement (BPA).

Under this 10-year agreement, Carahsoft, Recorded Future, and other authorized reseller partners will jointly provide asset management and cybersecurity software, software maintenance support, and information technology professional services to the DoD.

Commitment to the Public Sector

Recorded Future is committed to supporting the public sector by aiding in stopping threats targeting local, state, and federal government institutions. This includes our recently announced Production-Other Transaction Agreement (P-OTA) contract facilitated by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) for threat intelligence, paving the way for the company to provide real-time threat analysis to approved federal agencies on an expedited basis.

Understanding the context of a government entity’s practices is imperative for an effective security strategy and meaningful cyber defense. Our combination of machine and human analysis makes it possible by empowering analysts to monitor relevant geographic areas across languages, detect and report on incidents in real time, and share contextual insights with the wider security team for maximum risk reduction.

To learn more about security intelligence for geopolitical risk from Recorded Future, visit our solutions page.