Black History Month - The Art of Intelligence: Portraits of Diversity, Learning, & Skill

Posted: 12th February 2024
By: Raphaelle Charbit
Black History Month - The Art of Intelligence: Portraits of Diversity, Learning, & Skill

The 2024 theme for US Black History Month is African Americans and the Arts. This theme explores the influence that African Americans have on arts, whether that’s visual, music, cultural movements, and more.

What better way to join in on the celebration than by sharing the inspiring stories of our team members and how they have influenced their career field. We know that diversity, inclusion and awareness build a thriving workforce. When we share our rich collective of backgrounds, origins, and learning paths it enriches our organization and the industry as a whole.

This year, we interviewed Mohamed Fall, Senior Intelligence Consultant and Monet Ford, Customer Success Manager at Recorded Future and are thrilled to share their experiences..

black-history-month-2024-monet-mohamed.jpg From left, Monet Ford and Mohamed Fall

“As a black woman in cybersecurity, sharing my story is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it sheds light on the challenges facing minority groups in the field. Secondly, my story can serve as an inspiration for other black women to pursue similar career paths. Ultimately, my narrative contributes to creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, which benefits the tech industry as a whole.” - Monet

The Journey Up Until Now

“The speed at which technology changes is crazy and no one is a master at everything. This job, unlike other professions, requires communication and collaboration more than ever. Everyday is full of challenges and learning opportunities.” - Mohamed

Mohamed was first introduced to the Recorded Future platform working at another company. He explains that exposure to the solutions, both as a security and an educational tool, helped him gain a wealth of knowledge in the intelligence field. Soon after, he reached a significant milestone when attending the Recorded Future Certified Analyst Lab training and certification.

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“It not only expanded my skill set but it also opened doors and new opportunities to further my Cyber Threat Intelligence knowledge and build an expertise. Joining Recorded Future was not just a career move. It was a personal decision I made to further enhance my learning.” - Mohamed

In 2023, Monet was impacted by one of the significant tech layoffs. Determined to find a new opportunity, she began her job search and came across Recorded Future.

“From the initial recruiter call to my final interview, the experience felt refreshingly authentic, and I didn't feel like I was going through the motions of a traditional interview. That's when I realized that the company's culture resonated with me, and I knew I would enjoy working there." - Monet

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Celebrating Community and Impact

“It was the first company I encountered that had such a community, and I wanted to be part of it.” - Monet

Monet shared that engaging with the employee resource group has been impactful in helping her connect with colleagues across the organization. Not only does the group create a space beyond day to day work, it also is an opportunity to meet other ERG members in person: “In the tech industry, where many positions are remote, it can be challenging to truly connect with colleagues. Meeting some of the ERG members face-to-face was a fantastic experience that added a personal touch to our interactions and strengthened our bonds.”

Mohamed noted one of his favorite events he attended and the impact it had: “the BEST employee resource group invited a dominant voice and scholar - Dr. Byron Lowens - to speak about privacy issues in a variety of contexts, such as wearable health technologies, people's reactions to data breaches, and how privacy concerns lead to disparate outcomes for marginalized populations.”

He continued to say that this initiative not only highlighted the need to address sensitive issues and educate our workforce, but also inspired further academic research and community awareness.

Challenges and Growth

“The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the threat landscape keeps me on my toes.” - Mohamed

Mohamed explained how his time at Recorded Future has exposed him to many topics that he once had no experience with and the supportive environment he found here. “Stepping into such a large organization as a new employee with all knowledge and experience required to perform requires a supportive and collaborative environment. And that's what BEST and Recorded Future offered.”

Monet added that her role not only has challenged her on a professional level but also on a personal level. “Professionally, working in this environment has challenged me to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, honing my skills and expertise in threat intelligence. Additionally, I've found that my work here has complimented my educational pursuits—I'm currently going back to school for Cybersecurity. Being able to apply what I study directly to my role has not only deepened my understanding but also enhanced my learning experience. It's a rewarding cycle of knowledge acquisition and practical application that has accelerated my professional development.”

Join Us on Our Journey

Our Futurists have a powerful message to anyone who’s considering joining the field, making their next career move, learning something new, or getting involved in ERG work.

“Go for it. If I can do it, so can you. The opportunities for growth and learning are boundless, limited only by your willingness to step out of your comfort zone.” - Mohamed

black-history-month-2024-mohamed-monet.jpg Mohamed at a Colorado Rapids Game and Monet’s Family Christmas

“If you're seeking a space where you can contribute to spreading diversity and fostering understanding of our mission, the ERG is the perfect place for you. And as for the company itself, it's a fantastic environment with great colleagues and an even better culture. You'll find yourself surrounded by supportive teammates and opportunities for growth.” - Monet

We look forward to sharing more stories from our team, showcasing the diverse paths that have led us here and the shared vision that propels us forward. Your story could be the next to inspire, challenge, and transform our industry. You can check out our 2023 stories: Black History Month '23, Veterans Day '23, Hispanic Heritage Month ‘23, Pride Month ‘23, APIDA Month ‘23.