The Power of the Web: Anticipating Cyber Attacks

Posted: 12th August 2014
The Power of the Web: Anticipating Cyber Attacks

IT security teams are under siege, constantly defending against data breaches, IP theft, cyber crime, and other threats in a long and costly war. Interpol estimates cyber crime costs people and businesses billions of dollars each year. Last year Lloyd’s listed cyber security as the number three risk factor for businesses worldwide.

To reduce these costs and risks, it’s important defenders find ways to anticipate cyber attacks. As a result, they seek innovations that offer the advantage of time.

Anticipating Cyber Attacks With Web Intelligence

Our CEO Christopher Ahlberg recently took stock of proactive defense approaches that leverage Web intelligence. There’s a massive amount of open source data on the Web, and by organizing it for analysis rather than search, defenders gain insights into emerging threats.

Cyber attacks of various forms have been around since the birth of the Internet and will likely be around as long as the Internet exists. While there are no crystal balls for predicting attacks, there are many techniques we can apply to try to get ahead of them. The Internet itself provides an amazing source for generating predictive signals. We have the opportunity to take advantage of such signals – and it will lead us to a brighter future in security.

Christopher’s article was published in Homeland Security Today, a journal dedicated to providing homeland security insight and analysis for government decision makers.