Accelerate Threat Hunting with High-Confidence Threat Intelligence

Posted: 15th April 2021
Accelerate Threat Hunting with High-Confidence Threat Intelligence

As your attack surface continues to grow -- expanding into the cloud and employees working from their homes -- there are even more opportunities for threat actors to breach your organization. Relying on disparate threat feeds and static reports is manual and inefficient, often leading to incomplete threat research and missed threats.

To detect and address today’s rapidly evolving threats, security teams need contextualized, high-confidence intelligence. The latest release for Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence pairs high-speed, large-scale collection and automated link analysis to produce high-confidence indicator linkages. These validated linkages are powered by midpoint data sources like network traffic analysis, malware sandbox analysis, infrastructure analysis, enabling threat hunters to save time on investigation and radically simplify behavior profiling techniques to inform their security strategies and defenses.

Purpose-Built Intelligence for Threat Hunters

Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence is powered by a proprietary analysis engine, the Intelligence Graph, which uses machine-learning and natural language processing to produce real-time, validated intelligence and the most complete picture of your threat landscape. Enhancements to the Threat Intelligence solution arms threat hunters with an unmatched combination of speed, scale, and context so you can:

Get a thorough end-to-end view of your threat landscape

The Intelligence Graph collects, aggregates, analyzes, and connects data in any language from a vast number of attacker, midpoint, and victim data sources to produce real-time, validated intelligence.

Make faster, more informed decisions to reduce cyber risk and improve your risk posture

Get access to over 5B Intelligence Cards™, which distill everything that’s known about a threat into a single view with dynamic risk scores and rules, to give you the context you need to inform your defenses, expedite threat hunting efforts, and solidify your security strategy.

Accelerate advanced investigations, threat research, and threat hunting

Get instant access to Recorded Future’s cyber repository of high-confidence intelligence and advanced querying capabilities to fuel deep, tailored investigations. Automatically insert threat hunting packages, malware detection rules, and more, into your existing network, endpoint, and malware security solutions to detect more threats and harden your security controls.

Shine a light into the dark web to expand your visibility

Recorded Future provides access to the largest real-time, automated collection of dark web information to support advanced dark web investigations and provide greater visibility on data leaks, credential harvesting, malware-as-a service offerings, and more. This includes hacker, criminal, invitation-only sites, and extremist forums. Our world class team of human threat intelligence analysts identify, access, and maintain persistence with closed, insider-access forums to support ongoing real-time collection.

High-confidence insights, updated in real time, and backed by transparent scoring give threat hunters the information they need to disrupt adversaries and prevent damage to their organization. Request a demo of Recorded Future's Threat Intelligence solution to see how Recorded Future’s high-confidence intelligence can be used to proactively detect, monitor, and defend against adversaries and their threats.