Threat Intelligence solves pervasive challenges

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt a proactive approach to stay one step ahead of risks. Threat Intelligence serves as the essential force multiplier for the modern security stack, empowering organizations to to effectively mitigate cyber attacks by leveraging valuable insights to swiftly respond and take necessary actions.

Recorded Future provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help organizations reduce risk, no matter their IT & security stack, maturity journey, or industry.

Recorded Future Solutions to Reduce Risk

Proactively Protect Against Ransomware Attacks

66% or organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year, leading to business disruption, theft of sensitive data, and more.

Recorded Future helps proactively defend against multiple initial access vectors for ransomware actors, such as exploitation of vulnerable technologies, stolen credentials, and first-stage malware.

Ransomware Dashboard
Increase efficiency

Recorded Future clients report being 48% faster at identifying new threats

Manage and Protect Your Digital Attack Surface

Cloud-based resources are essential for driving business growth, but also leave your external attack surface in a constant state of change.

Adding Recorded Future to your defensive strategy makes it possible to identify and inventory external assets, prioritize remediation efforts, and accelerate fixing risky exposures.

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Attack Surface Reduction

A Recorded Future client saw a 51% reduction in their overall vulnerable attack surface within 6 months

Reduce Threat Detection, Investigation & Response Time

Threat actors have an advantage, they often only need one mistake to create a number of problems.

Integrated into your security tools and workflows, Recorded Future correlates and enriches internal data with external insights to accelerate threat identification, prioritization, and remediation.

security workflows
Increase Capacity

Recorded Future clients realize a 32% increase in their teams’ capacity

Mitigate Your Supply Chain Risk

Each third party vendor and supplier, however essential to business operations, introduces potential risks to your organization.

Recorded Future helps organizations reduce vendor risk by monitoring critical data sources for signs that an organization’s supply chain partners and software vendors have been compromised or are vulnerable.

supply chain risk
Monitor Third Parties

Recorded Future clients report being able to monitor 35% more third parties

Digital Risk Protection

Growing digital estates create challenges for organizations to secure their digital assets and data from external threats.

Leverage insights and contextual information from both open and closed sources to actively identify, analyze, and quickly mitigate potential external threats, such as brand impersonation or compromised credentials.

digital risk
Understand Digital Footprint

85% of clients report having a better understanding of their digital footprint