Introducing Recorded Future Express: Elite Security Intelligence for Free

Posted: 5th May 2020
Introducing Recorded Future Express: Elite Security Intelligence for Free

One of our core guiding principles at Recorded Future is that security intelligence is for everyone. No matter what security role you play or business area you work in within your organization, security intelligence can make a big difference.

Democratizing Security Intelligence

You don’t need to be an elite analyst or even an experienced security professional to understand or benefit from it. In fact, Recorded Future security intelligence provides clear, actionable context — exactly when and how you need it — to enhance your knowledge, help you work smarter, and amplify your impact.

We don’t just believe security intelligence is for everyone — we’re also making it happen. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Recorded Future Express — our new browser extension that delivers elite security intelligence at zero cost.

Express gives you up-to-the-minute security intelligence from the world’s largest commercial collection platform — directly within the web tools and webpages you already use. With this, you can instantly prioritize alerts, incidents, and vulnerabilities based on real-time risk scores.

Fight Alert Fatigue, Narrow Your Focus, Maintain Your Workflows

One thing we hear over and over again in our conversations with companies large and small is that security teams are overwhelmed. They’re drowning in alerts from many different sources and systems, and spending too much valuable time researching potential threats and vulnerabilities. We built Recorded Future Express to address these pervasive pain points and help security teams accomplish more in less time.

By aggregating and analyzing hundreds of thousands of open, closed, and technical sources, Recorded Future Express identifies and delivers real-time intelligence on any IP address, domain, hash, or CVE found on any webpage and within any web-based tool.

Instead of opening multiple browser tabs and pivoting between them to collect and analyze data manually, Express does the work for you. Simply click on the indicator you want to explore on any webpage or tool — including SIEMs, vulnerability scans, malware analysis reports, security blogs, emails, and more. View real-time risk scores directly on the page to confidently prioritize high-risk indicators. You can also access relevant risk information instantly. For example, you can immediately find out whether or not an IP is a current command-and-control (C2) server.

Since we’re adamant that security intelligence should make things easier — not harder — all of this can be done without changing the workflows you rely on. Express simply lays over existing web-based security tools and pages, allowing security teams to instantly prioritize what matters, and jump-start investigations for faster research and response.

While there are many ways Express can enhance your security program, here are three high-impact use cases to consider as you get started:

  • Quickly pinpoint high-risk SIEM alerts, discount false positives, and speed time to judgment.
  • Focus patching efforts on the vulnerabilities that present real risk to your organization.
  • Enhance malware analysis to drive fast action to mitigate risk.

Start Your Security Intelligence Journey With Express

Whether you’re investigating alerts in a SOC, managing vulnerabilities, or analyzing threat actors, Express gives you the real-time context you need to reduce uncertainty and protect your organization. You can use the tool alone, or combine it with multiple solutions to supercharge your risk reduction and move toward a comprehensive security intelligence program.

Ready to get started? Install Recorded Future Express for free today to accelerate your investigations and make better, faster decisions.