Stay Ahead of Global Uncertainty With Real-time Geopolitical Intelligence for Esri

Posted: 28th April 2021

For a complete understanding of the threats to their organizations, all intelligence analysts must consider how geopolitical events — such as a global pandemic, terrorist attack, or natural disaster — will impact their organization, supply chain, and industry. They need to respond swiftly to these threats, to mitigate disruptions to operations and protect their assets, but organizations are still susceptible to being blindsided at the most inopportune times because intelligence often lags.

Relying on disparate data sources and manual processes means insights are often incomplete or outdated. Most analysts spend too much time manually collecting, analyzing, and visualizing a vast amount of intelligence — not to mention translating information from news sources in these regions’ local languages. To monitor and respond to geopolitical threats in real time, teams need a more efficient and collaborative way to report on relevant insights that drive more informed decision-making.

A Comprehensive View of Your Physical Threat Landscape

Geopolitical Intelligence from Recorded Future accelerates critical decision making with contextual open data on geopolitical threats and trends — empowering you to protect your assets and understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization. Recorded Future eliminates manual research and surfaces intelligence in real time, providing a comprehensive view of your physical threat landscape — anywhere in the world. 

Recorded Future automates real-time monitoring, collection, and analysis of data from the broadest range of sources, including social media, open source, dark web, and more. By dynamically linking, categorizing, and updating this information in real time, Recorded Future delivers intelligence that is consumed easily by analysts for rapid detection and analysis of risks to physical assets. 

Armed with this location-based intelligence in every language  — with visibility into historical risk levels and supporting evidence  — analysts can rapidly analyze events and confidently take action based on these insights to protect their organization’s assets. Location-based watch lists, real-time risk scores, and centralized search capabilities surface relevant intelligence for fast threat detection and robust reporting. And today, Recorded Future announced major enhancements with the inclusion of Esri ArcGIS integration to its Geopolitical Intelligence module, simplifying and accelerating risk monitoring and response workflows with even more high-confidence geopolitical insights at your fingertips.

Real-Time Location and Global Event Monitoring with Esri

Relevant insights, updated in real time, and visualized on Esri dashboards drive faster, more informed decisions. The Recorded Future integration for Esri positions real-time intelligence directly within industry-leading mapping and geospatial analytics software so analysts can take immediate action to secure their people, facilities, and products in an ever changing world. 

By automatically layering Recorded Future’s geopolitical event and location intelligence in Esri ArcGIS, analysts are empowered to rapidly visualize, monitor, and respond to risks to their organization’s operations and assets. Esri analysts can then use Recorded Future intelligence in tandem with many other data sources within their Esri instance to gain a comprehensive view of their physical threat landscape. For deeper analysis of threats, Esri analysts can easily pivot to the Recorded Future Portal, where they can conduct tailored searches with the Advanced Query Builder and filter Recorded Future’s geopolitical intelligence by keywords, event types, sources, time frames, and more.

To learn how you can accelerate location risk analysis with Esri, request a demo of Recorded Future’s Geopolitical Intelligence module today!