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About Recorded Future’s Browser Extension

Recorded Future collects and analyzes data from over one million open, closed, and technical sources to produce security intelligence that empowers you to identify, prioritize, and action threats, all in real time. Our browser extension positions security intelligence directly onto any web-based page including:

  • SIEMs
  • Vulnerability management systems
  • Security blogs
  • Malware analysis
  • Suspicious emails

Contextual Risk Scoring

Security intelligence instantly puts everything we know about any vulnerability, domain, hash, or IP address at your fingertips. We aggregate the vast amount of data we collect into categories called risk rules, which are color-coded by severity. Risk rules are then assigned an overall risk score from 0–99.

Browser Extension License Options

Your Recorded Future license determines your level of access. All users of the Recorded Future browser extension can access risk scoring and the highest severity risk rule. Only Recorded Future clients can access all available risk rules and evidence sources.