With Security Control Feeds, Get Originated Threat Intelligence You Can Trust

Posted: 6th August 2019

Key Takeaways

The Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Group delivers essential municipal services, including electricity, gas, heat, and water, across Klagenfurt, Austria. They rely on elite security intelligence from Recorded Future to:

  • Save two hours of manual security research per day, per user
  • Speed IOC investigation and accelerate decision-making
  • Detect data and credential leaks on the dark web and block malicious files
  • Demonstrate program success to leadership and compliance to auditors

Security Challenge: Protect Critical Infrastructure

Advanced threat actors are launching targeted attacks to disrupt critical infrastructure that delivers vital services to citizens. These evolving cyber risks — coupled with increasing regulatory requirements — are driving many industrial companies to strengthen their cybersecurity programs.

The Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Group is no exception. The Austrian utilities company is focused on meeting the EU NIS directive for operators of critical infrastructure — the first sweeping cybersecurity regulation passed by the European Union. They rely on elite security intelligence from Recorded Future to uncover, and even anticipate, threats to disrupt adversaries, protect the organization, and demonstrate strong data protection practices.

The Value of Elite Security Intelligence

In this case study, discover how unprecedented intelligence from Recorded Future empowers The Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Group’s CISO Rene Schmid and his team to speed IOC investigation and triage. This has translated to significant time and cost savings, to the tune of two hours of manual security research per day, per user.

Says Schmid, “Recorded Future helps us to decide very quickly whether to take further action. Through the risk assessment of IP addresses and additional information about addresses in the same address range, we can rapidly decide whether to block a whole range of addresses or individual addresses — or not take action at all.”

Read the case study now to explore:

Learn more about The Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Group’s security intelligence journey with Recorded Future in this case study.