Introducing the Recorded Future CVE Monthly

Posted: 8th June 2022
By: Trevor Lyness
Introducing the Recorded Future CVE Monthly

Security teams are overwhelmed. Halfway through the year, and there have already been more than 11,000 newly disclosed vulnerabilities. It is harder than ever for teams to identify and sort through this massive trove of new vulnerabilities to figure out where they should act first. We understand the challenge:

  • First, you have to gather and consolidate information across a wide variety of vendor disclosures.
  • Then, you need to prioritize which vulnerabilities to remediate first.
  • And CVSS scores alone are not enough to effectively prioritize risk.

That’s why we at Recorded Future have decided to create a free resource called the Recorded Future CVE Monthly.

CVE Monthly Rounds Up The High-Risk Vulnerabilities You Need To Know About

Compiled monthly by Recorded Future’s threat research team Insikt Group, the CVE Monthly identifies high-risk vulnerabilities disclosed within the preceding month. This analysis goes well beyond just the CVSS criticality to also identify which vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild, distinguish which threat actors are known to use them, and indicate any associated malware so your organization can quickly understand how the vulnerabilities work, the affected technology, and the recommended mitigation.

Simply put, our goal is to give organizations an easy resource to determine their priority patch list. If you don’t have the time or resources to regularly be researching vulnerabilities, this is your one-stop shop for what you absolutely need to know. We’ll release the Recorded Future CVE Monthly on the first Tuesday of every month.

Click here to read the first edition of CVE Monthly (June).