Identify and mitigate supply chain risk

Adversaries are continuously targeting your third parties, suppliers, and vendors to launch software supply chain attacks, disrupt physical facilities, deploy ransomware, and more. Recorded Future provides proactive intelligence to help your organization quickly identify, understand, and mitigate supply chain risk before it causes damage to your organization.

Identify and Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Gain an edge on the adversary

Get visibility into supply chain attacks

Don’t be blindsided by attacks targeting your third parties. Recorded Future provides proactive intelligence, granting you unmatched visibility into key risks tied to your vendors and suppliers including supply chain attacks, breaches, ransomware, leaked credentials, and unknown malicious activity.

Take faster action with unique research and insights

Our threat research team Insikt Group® continuously reports on major risk events associated with a malicious group, unsuspecting organizations, or industries that are being targeted. Insikt Group does the rigorous investigation and analysis so your team doesn’t have to. Research includes clear, succinct summaries on the current situation, what has transpired and practical insights on what steps your organization should take next.

Manage location-based threats

Gain critical insights into threats and stay ahead of trends which could be impacting key locations for your organization. Monitor and protect key facilities, suppliers, and third-parties with contextualized OSINT intelligence that is dynamically linked, categorized, and updated in every language.

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