Mitigate ransomware attacks with Ransomware Intelligence

Ransomware methods continue to evolve and multiply, increasingly threatening small, medium, and large organizations around the world. Ransomware actors are constantly shifting tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), making it challenging for security teams to keep up. Recorded Future constantly keeps tabs on these trends, providing intelligence to identify and mitigate attacks with ransomware intelligence.

Gain an edge on ransomware

Proactively detect, hunt, and monitor ransomware threats

Detect: Don't miss the signs of an ongoing attack

With Recorded Future, you can be sure that you aren’t missing signs of an ongoing ransomware attack against your organization. Our technical collection and diverse threat intelligence enables you to detect indicators of compromise that may already be present within your network, and get ahead of threats that are newly discovered or trending within your industry and peers.

Hunt: Uncover early indicators of ransomware activity

The hunt for ransomware activity is never-ending. With ransomware-specific hunting packages from Recorded Future’s Insikt Group, you can uncover early indicators of ransomware activity before it becomes a problem. Using their trending threat analysis in conjunction with SIGMA and YARA detection rulesets, the hunt for ransomware has never been easier.

Monitor: Track ransomware threats and trends in real-time

With Recorded Future, you can monitor ransomware-related threats and trends in real-time. Advanced queries and dashboards enable you to stay up to date on general ransomware trends, look specifically at threats to your industry and peers, track behaviors related to major ransomware families, and identify new ransomware infrastructure as it emerges.

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