Recorded Future Delivers the Best-in-Breed Threat Intelligence Solution for Partners

Recorded Future Delivers the Best-in-Breed Threat Intelligence Solution for Partners

July 10, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

Synacktek, a Connecticut-based consulting firm focused on strategic alignment in the IT security and infrastructure technology spaces, is on a mission to deliver the best security solutions on the market to their clients.

Its founders, Jeremy Parkins and Chris Beyer, have spent over 35 years in the network security field, with experience running large security programs, creating and managing IT and OT teams, developing security architectures, and more. In that time, they were clients themselves — always looking for the best and most cost-effective options and aware of the many challenges faced by anyone working in the security industry.

One of the biggest challenges is simply finding the right solution to your network security problems in the first place. With so many solutions on the market (some that may integrate well with the systems you already use, and some that may not), it’s difficult to know what to invest an often limited security budget in — a challenge that Jeremy was well familiar with in his previous life as a CISO at a major financial institution. That’s why Jeremy and Chris founded Synacktek.

Jeremy Parkins

Jeremy Parkins, co-founder of Synacktek.

As Synacktek puts it themselves, “At a time when every IT department is expected to do more with less and security demands are growing exponentially, efficient and effective IT services and solutions are necessary. We are a service-first organization with knowledge spanning a wide breadth of technologies and verticals. We are here to help.”

What this means is that Synacktek does their due diligence before endorsing any solution. And of all the threat intelligence solutions available today, the only one that Synacktek trusts is Recorded Future. We spoke to Jeremy to learn why.

‘The Solution I Always Wished Was Available’

Recorded Future and Synacktek share a common goal — helping clients detect and prevent security breaches. Synacktek does this by sharing their knowledge and expertise on different security topics, including network architecture, ICS/SCADA solutions, automation solutions, risk assessments, and more. In essence, they provide the context and solutions that clients need to make informed decisions without getting mired in time-consuming research.

For awareness of the threat landscape, Recorded Future does the same. Its real-time, automated threat intelligence has applications for every security function, including incident response, vulnerability management, third-party risk reduction, security budgeting and decision-making, and more. “Partnering with Recorded Future has allowed us to bring an innovative solution to our customers that allows them to understand the threat landscape and make better decisions in a quick decisive manner,” Jeremy says.

Recorded Future is built on a foundation of machine learning and natural language processing that takes in huge amounts of data from across the internet, including technical sources and sources on the dark web, as well as the open web. In one year, the Recorded Future® Platform processes and analyzes as much data as nearly 9,000 analysts working eight-hour shifts, five days a week, for the same length of time. It’s this level of automation, and the context provided by the finished result, that saves every security function time and money.

Jeremy says, “Their vision and utilization of the data they collect is unmatched, and the consistent implementation of value-added insight into their important and complex data set is the best in the industry.” He goes on, “The visibility in which they can see threats manifesting, combined with the speed in which they can detect new breaches, allows me to provide a solution to our customers that is truly impactful.”

In this partnership, both Synacktek and Recorded Future have the opportunity to enhance their clients’ security solution portfolios and empower them to make better decisions, faster.

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