Admin User Privileges

Core and Advanced Enterprises

The following features and functionality are limited to Admin users within your Recorded Future Core/Advanced enterprise. Privileges for Module users are listed separately, below.

To confirm whether you are an Admin, click the menu in the top-right corner of the portal. If you see "Extensions," "Watch List Configuration," and "Threat View Configuration," you are an Admin user. 

If you do not see these menu options, you are not an Admin user. If you believe that you should have these capabilities, please reach out to your Intelligence Services Analyst.

Module Enterprises

The following privileges apply only to users in Module Enterprises. To provide the most flexible controls for your enterprise, we designed two user roles.

Configuration Admin (module specific user role)

Each module has its own set of Configuration Admins. For example, one user can be the Configuration Admin for all modules, or several users can be Configuration Admins for a single module. This role has the following privileges:

  • Activate module-specific use cases in the Intelligence Goals Library
  • Modify/Delete module-specific use cases in the Intelligence Goals Library
  • Configure module-specific Watch Lists
  • Add/Remove entities to module-specific Watch Lists
  • Configure module-specific Threat Views

Module Enterprise Admin (module enterprise specific user role)

The Module Enterprise Admin is a user role set across all modules in an enterprise. This user has the following privileges:

  • Configure Intelligence Card Extensions
  • Create, manage, and delete Organizations and user membership in Multi-Org for Modules.