Create Clarity by
Adding Rich Context

Your internal data, logs, and alerts hold potentially invaluable insights into active or emerging threats. But if these indicators are hidden amongst the barrage of alerts already overwhelming stretched security teams, this vital intelligence is easily missed. Enriching internal data with external threat intelligence gives security teams unique insights to respond.

Indicator Enrichment

Enrich Internal Alerts with External Intelligence

Internal alerts can be automatically combined with information from threat feeds and other sources, including the open and dark web. This intelligence enables security teams to rapidly highlight indicators that pose an increased risk.

Indicator Enrichment

Consumable Context for Rapid Response

To drive faster and more confident security decisions, enriched threat intelligence is consolidated into Intelligence Cards. These cards synthesize all of the available threat content in all languages into a single clickable view to speed up prioritization.

Indicator Enrichment

Quantified Risk With Tangible Evidence

Intelligence Cards display a risk score based on evidence connected to a specific indicator. If an indicator appears on a threat list or has been connected to a vulnerability or exploit, the score will increase, adjusting in real time depending on available intelligence.