Reduce Exposures Across Your Attack Surface

Actively discover, prioritize and respond to exposures across your digital attack surface.

Reduce Exposures Across Your Attack Surface

As organizations embrace the benefits of digital transformation, cloud migration, and a distributed workforce, they need to ensure they're not creating blind spots along their external attack surface. Recorded Future actively discovers external assets, identifies exposures, and accelerates remediation efforts within existing workflows and tools.
Manage and protect your digital attack surface

Do you have real-time visibility into your expanding attack surface?

76% of organizations experienced a cyberattack due to unknown or unmanaged assets. Relying on static processes and legacy tools to execute attack surface discovery, prevents organizations from keeping up with their dynamic and expanding attack surface.

Gain visibility with continuous and accurate asset discovery

Gain visibility with continuous and accurate asset discovery

Empower your cybersecurity teams with comprehensive automated asset discovery and inventory capabilities to find exposures across your internet-facing systems.

How quickly can you prioritize exposures for investigation?

60% of breach victims said they were breached due to an unpatched known vulnerability and 62% claimed they weren’t aware of their vulnerable assets before a breach. As organizations increase their attack surface, prioritizing exposures based on exploitability and discoverability is critical for staying ahead of attackers.

Prioritize attack surface exposures

Prioritize attack surface exposures

Prioritize high risk CVEs, end-of-life software and misconfigurations to reduce risk. Access insights into pre-NVD and exploited vulnerabilities to help prioritize actions to protect your attack surface and quickly enforce security policies.

How can you quickly remediate exposures?

Security teams require more than just alerts. Teams need evidence, risk assessments, and automated actions to help them remediate attack surface exposures before they are exploited by malicious attackers.

Accelerate remediation of attack surface exposures

Accelerate remediation of attack surface exposures

Shorten remediation time by leveraging enriched context and workflows to mitigate your attack surface exposures. Automate actions to enforce security policies via SIEM, SOAR, ITSM or other integrations for your security teams to improve your risk posture.

Recorded Future benefits


of clients have a better understanding of their threat landscape


faster at identifying a new threat prior


of clients have a better understanding of their digital footprint

"The biggest challenge we faced – the reason we opted for Recorded Future – was we did not have enough visibility into Allied Bank’s digital asset inventory. We wanted to be able to see what digital inventory information was out there, and to be alerted if any anomalies were detected."

Group Head/CISO, Information Security & Governance at Allied Bank

Recorded Future in action

Asset discovery and analysis

Light up security blind spots with continuous asset discovery and exposure analysis

Asset discovery and analysis are an essential part of our Attack Surface Management Platform
Illuminate your attack surface and mitigate exposures with Recorded Future today!

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