Digital risk protection

Protect your digital assets and data from misuse and external threats.

Digital risk protection

Organizations are challenged with securing their digital assets and data from external threats such as brand and executive impersonation, account takeovers, and data leakage which may lead to loss of brand value and trust with customers. Embracing a Digital Risk Protection strategy with Recorded Future enables your security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to external threats to your brand and stolen identity credentials quickly to mitigate threats and improve your security posture.
Digital Risk Protection Platform

How do you detect external threats to your digital assets?

Digital assets and data are increasing in risk. 61% of all breaches involve credentials and brand impersonations have risen by more than 360% since 2020. Cybercriminals aim to damage brand reputations, compromise credentials, and violate trust with customers.

Monitor and detect threats to your brand and identities with our digital risk protection solution

Efficiently monitor and detect threats to your brand and identities

Enable security teams to quickly automate monitoring of criminal forums, dark web sources, and marketplaces. Assess real-time alerts on brand mentions, impersonations, and compromised credentials allowing your teams to protect your organization, customers, and employees.

How complex is your process to investigate external threats?

75% of companies spend as much time investigating false positives than real security events. Alert fatigue, missing security events, and a lack of context on threats reduce the effectiveness of security teams.

Our digital risk protection services allow you to investigate threats with a unified view and enriched context

Easily investigate threats with a unified view and enriched context

Easily search for threats and investigate alerts with a unified single view. Utilize exposure reports with enriched threat context to mitigate brand attacks and compromised credentials.

How could you respond faster to mitigate external threats?

Enterprises use more than 130 security tools and 44% of these companies state integration is essential when using a solution. The amount of security tools deployed make responding to threats quickly a challenge.

Simplify your response workflows for quick remediation

Simplify your response workflows for quick remediation

Simplify your security tech stack and initiate quick response workflows with integrations. Integrate with your SIEM, SOAR, ITSM, and IAM tools or initiate one-click take-down with our managed services.

Recorded Future benefits


of clients have a better understanding of their threat landscape


hours saved per user per week on threat mitigation efforts


increase in team's capacity

“There were a lot of threats, a lot of anomalies, which were unaddressed and were unknown to us. Because of the timely threat intelligence, and because of the digital risk protection intelligence, which we got from Recorded Future, we've been able to keep up with those threats and we have direct visibility into those threats now.”

Group Head/CISO, Information Security & Governance, Allied Bank

Recorded Future in action

Identify digital risks

Real-time alerting on threats to your brand, reputation, and organization

Identify digital risks
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