Master Your Patch Management With Vulnerability Response: Our Latest ServiceNow Integration

January 14, 2020 • The Recorded Future Team

It’s tough out there for vulnerability management teams. You’re dealing with hundreds of applications that can vary by department and individual, each with its own version and potential vulnerabilities.

It’s understandable that security teams may feel overwhelmed. In 2018, over 16,000 new vulnerabilities were disclosed. Of those, 57% were categorized as being of high or critical importance. Vendors have responded by releasing patches with increasing frequency. Since 2003, Microsoft has instituted “Patch Tuesday” to formalize the process of publishing patches. Other software companies have followed suit — a welcome service.

But these announcements can’t speak to the specific needs of any particular organization. With so many vulnerabilities requiring so many updates, all of them seemingly labeled as critical, it can be nearly impossible to decide on where to start.

How We Can Help

Introducing Recorded Future for Vulnerability Response — our latest security intelligence integration available now to ServiceNow customers. Vulnerability Response streamlines the validation of vulnerabilities, simplifies prioritization for patch management, and minimizes expensive off-cycle patches.

Recorded Future for Vulnerability Response empowers ServiceNow users to efficiently apply patches by presenting contextual intelligence based on the specific needs of the organization. Recorded Future scores vulnerabilities based on exploitability using real-time data, so ServiceNow customers can easily identify and prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities in their environment, based on the likelihood of vulnerability exploitation, not just severity.

Through Vulnerability Response, Recorded Future delivers evidence-based risk scores, risk rules, threat subscores, and vulnerability subscores directly to the ServiceNow application. Vulnerability information from scanning products, asset information from configuration management database (CMDB) products, and Recorded Future threat intelligence are combined using a risk calculator to create a single metric on the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threats to a given organization. That combination makes for a powerful solution for managing vulnerabilities from within ServiceNow, taking a threat-centric view of prioritization.

An Ongoing Commitment to ServiceNow

Vulnerability Reponse marks the third Recorded Future integration recently made available to ServiceNow customers. In October, we released integrations for Security Incident Response and Third-Party Risk. Learn more about Recorded Future’s integrations and try them today through the ServiceNow App Store.

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