Building a Business Case for Security Intelligence: How Much Our Clients Save With Recorded Future

January 8, 2020 • The Recorded Future Team

You may recognize that security intelligence improves threat identification, decision making, and risk reduction — but did you know that using the right solution can also dramatically improve your bottom line?

To help organizations quantify Recorded Future’s monetary value, we commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. The report examines the financial benefits and ROI factors that an actual Recorded Future client recently realized.

That organization — a major global clothing retailer — has used Recorded Future for more than two years. Prior to working with us, they had just begun building their security intelligence team, and were seeking a comprehensive solution to help them proactively find and respond to threats stemming from social media, the dark web, and more.

Through a series of interviews with Forrester, senior security leaders within the retailer shared stories backed by hard metrics on how their security team selected and deployed Recorded Future to supercharge their teams and processes. The resulting report illustrates how Recorded Future improved the organization’s security workflow efficiency by 50%. This alone resulted in $263,538 saved — but the savings did not end there.

Download the report to find out how Recorded Future helped this organization save hundreds of thousands of dollars by:

  • Automating Security Intelligence Reporting: By automating reporting tasks, Recorded Future enabled the organization to refocus valuable resources on business-critical needs.
  • Reducing the Risk of a Cyber Breach: The retailer’s exposure to a cyber breach put the business at risk of losing millions, but access to real-time intelligence from Recorded Future quantifiably reduced their risk exposure.
  • Enhancing Identification of False Positives: With Recorded Future, the client’s security team eliminated the need to spend hundreds of extraneous hours manually investigating false positive threats — resulting in major cost savings.
  • Eliminating the Need to Hire Additional Security Headcount: With Recorded Future, the security team was empowered to work faster and smarter — not harder — without onboarding new personnel.
  • Replacing Unnecessary Security Tools and Solutions: With Recorded Future in place, the organization was able to reduce expenses by jettisoning other security products they used previously.

Forrester isn’t the only respected analyst firm that recognizes Recorded Future’s ROI potential. Through a series of ROI calculations and customer testimonials, IDC also found that businesses using Recorded Future achieved significant benefits, including 3X end-user productivity and full ROI in just four months. Learn more about that in the white paper, “Organizations React to Security Threats More Efficiently and Cost Effectively With Recorded Future.”

No matter the size of your organization, Recorded Future’s comprehensive security intelligence gives you the resources to thwart cyber threats faster, while rapidly realizing strong and ongoing ROI. Download the new Forrester report today to learn more.

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