Become a Threat Intelligence Expert With Recorded Future University

October 24, 2018 • Iris Salazar

At Recorded Future, we are immensely proud that we have crafted the leading threat intelligence solution — a powerhouse for any analyst to wield. But as we all know, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and we believe we have a responsibility to train everyone who uses Recorded Future to be the most efficient and informed they can be.

Enter Recorded Future University.

Recorded Future University (RFU) is a training academy for mastering not only Recorded Future, but the practice of threat intelligence as a whole. It’s a one stop shop for learning, empowering, and maximizing your team’s use of Recorded Future — the wealth of educational materials available makes easy to learn the best practices for using threat intelligence.

What’s the Best Way to Learn About Threat Intelligence?

When we started to think about creating RFU, we wanted to focus on the value it should bring to your understanding of threat intelligence. How will you apply it? What’s the best way for you to consume it? What are the best ways we can deliver this to you?

Recorded Future University Dashboard

Recorded Future University dashboard.

Whether you want to take a formal course on your laptop or just want to watch a 60-second video on how to get started, RFU has the videos, documents, images, and best practices to make it happen — you have the power.

Recorded Future provides an all-in-one threat intelligence solution that customers across the globe use, and we want to enable customers to share the best of Recorded Future with each other. To that end, RFU provides you with a secure, customer-exclusive “backpack” where everyone on your team can access recorded sessions with your threat intelligence consultant, gain real-time best practices from our analysts, and collaborate with others.

Making Threat Intelligence More Accessible

Don’t want another set of login credentials? Neither do we. You can access RFU with your Recorded Future web app credentials. On the homepage, we added a video that helps orient you to the web environment (we call it the “campus”) along with a series of other helpful courses. Your customer-exclusive backpack is where you and your team can post, share, and comment on anything related to threat intelligence. We’ve also added channels for product feature videos and detailed videos about our integrations.

Recorded Future University Video

Educational video on operationalizing the Cyber Daily newsletter.

Our comprehensive courses are the most thorough way to learn about Recorded Future. We have courses on the fundamentals of Recorded Future (Recorded Future 101) as well as analyst tips of the week, and we’re also working on having instructor-led courses you can take from anywhere. Need content even faster? We added in quick videos (under 90 seconds long) that help get you started in Recorded Future and explore specific methods, like how to research a vulnerability. We’re continuously working on adding more.

And don’t worry — features like support documentation, live troubleshooting, custom training, and strategic guidance aren’t going away. Everyone learns differently, and we want to make threat intelligence accessible to everyone. We’ve crafted a training program that offers everything you need to address specific training requirements for your organization and maximize your threat intelligence program’s value and impact at reducing risk.

Collaborating With Threat Intelligence

We are working hard to create valuable content that’s bite sized, courses you can take at your own pace (and from your laptop or mobile phone), webinars, and instructor-led training. However, not all training needs to be formal, nor does it always have to come from us — we recognize that our customers have years of valuable experience to share with their teams, so we’re investing in building a community for our customers as well.

These are just some of the ways we think about our content and how we can help you grow and succeed, not only in your use of our solution, but in your understanding of threat intelligence as a whole. Threat intelligence is part of our everyday life, and we want to the be ones to help you learn to the full power and potential of Recorded Future.

We want to hear from you! We are always working on plans to get more content to you and we want to know what you want to see. Reach out to [email protected] to give us your thoughts, and to learn more, check out the Recorded Future training page.

Iris Salazar

Iris Salazar is a learning architect at Recorded Future.

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