Product Updates: New Ways to Compare Events and Upgrade to Professional

January 22, 2013 • Chris

Updated Jan 31st, 2013 to reflect Professional product name

Out latest round of updates includes new ways to compare data sets: grouping results in the timeline view by language and year is now available. Details and examples can be found below for the most recent updates that are now live!

Compare Events by Language

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There are a variety of ways to display event information in Recorded Future, but we’ve just added the ability to adjust your timeline analysis according to the language of the reporting source. We currently have six languages available: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. To display the information in this way just use the “Customize View” link in the top right of the timeline.

Compare Events Year Over Year

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You can now also look at events comparatively year over year. The possibilities for this pattern analysis are really exciting: company product releases, natural disasters, unrest, and so on. This action, like the view by source language, is toggled using the “Customize View” link in the top right of the timeline.

Experience Recorded Future Professional

So you’ve seen the research published on this blog and Analysis Intelligence now want to take advantage of Professional features including querying by publication time and language, exporting views and data, and unlimited saved reports? It’s easy to upgrade with just a few clicks from your free Recorded Future Basic:

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Want to check out these newest features? Sign in to or register for Recorded Future, and let us know what you think!