Product Updates: Annotation, Historical Data, and Technology Ontology

October 4, 2012 • Chris

The past few weeks our engineering team has made exciting additions to Recorded Future Live including the ability to annotate views, an expanded historical archive dating back to early 2011, and ontology updates for technologies and specially designated nationals identified by the U.S. Treasury.

Details and examples for each:


Annotate Timeline of Syria and Turkey

We know it’s key to tag important events so that they’re easily accessible when it’s time for you to share results with the world (or your boss). The annotation feature is currently found beneath the title of any view; just click the blank field, enter your descriptive text, hit return, and drag and drop the box. Here’s a live example of the results using the timeline shown above.

Historical Data

Historical Timeline - Syria and Turkey during October 2011

Our archive of news analytic data is being migrated to the Recorded Future Live system and will continue to be backfilled until we have our full, five year history available. As of this post’s publication, you can access data back to early 2011.


Specially Designated Nationals - Recent Network

Specially Designated Nationals is a term used to annotate individuals and organizations that the US Treasury has sanctioned. For example, these may be terrorist or narcotics related. To search on this list of individuals in Recorded Future, do an advanced query by selecting the magnifying glass icon, set “Entity Type” to position, and search for Specially Designated Nationals.

Future Biotech Projects - Technology Category View

Our technology ontology is updated to ~10 top level categories, ~300 subcategories and ~4500 terms. To search for technology terms, do an advanced search by selecting the magnifying glass icon and choose Technology in the “Entity” field. Top level terms you can search for include Computing, Defense and Security, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, “Games, Video and Entertainment”, Medicine, BioTech, Business, and Transport. Here’s the live view for future biotechnology events around the globe.

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