Announcing Recorded Future’s New Training Program

August 29, 2017 • John Wetzel

We’re excited to announce Recorded Future’s new full-scale training program aimed at maximizing threat intelligence investment in Recorded Future and reducing security risk.

Complete with seminars, workshops, and certification, the program will introduce new training segments to empower users to get up to speed quickly using the Recorded Future product, while supplementing the world-class configuration, education, and support services already delivered to our customers.

Threat Intelligence Seminar

To help users obtain deeper product expertise, Recorded Future has developed a comprehensive threat intelligence seminar featuring live, half-day or full-day training delivered by a Recorded Future analyst.

The seminar is custom-built to train analysts, security engineers, and other users on common threat intelligence principles and fundamentals. Common frameworks for intelligence analysis, threat intelligence sources, and our proprietary Intel Goals for security teams are covered during this seminar, as well as practical exercises in progressively deeper analytical research and data exploration.

Advanced Threat Hunting Workshops

Recorded Future advanced threat hunting workshops are half-day, onsite training sessions that provide enterprise security teams with practical applications of threat intelligence in advanced use cases. These workshops are built for all organization levels, and are presented by our senior analysts and Insikt Group research team members.

Areas covered include pre-exploitation and post-exploitation threat hunting, developing online HUMINT sources, and understanding and identifying nation-state adversary TTPs, taught by some of the foremost threat experts in the world.

Certification Program

Recorded Future now offers a new certification program to validate the expertise of power users.

The certification is a three-hour practical examination conducted by Recorded Future senior threat intelligence analysts for determining proficiency in the product. To achieve recognition, participants must score above 85 percent and demonstrate a clear knowledge of:

  • Threat intelligence principles, strategies, and goals.
  • Sources and methods utilized by Recorded Future.
  • Execution of security team requirements by advanced queries and workflows.

Successful candidates will receive a Recorded Future Certified Analyst certificate and will be able to use the Recorded Future Certified Analyst emblem on their physical and digital resume.

Thomas McNeela of U.S. Cellular was among the first group of certification program participants and shared feedback on LinkedIn following the training:

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Recorded Future aims to provide the best threat intelligence training services and strategic guidance to help customers and partners get the education and access they need to be successful in using the product.

Contact your account manager today for more information on our newly launched training program, or request a demo from the convenience of your own desk to learn more about Recorded Future.