The Intelligence Cloud

The Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud uniquely combines persistent data collection, large-scale graph analysis, and the analytical acumen of our global research team to provide the most complete coverage of intelligence across adversaries, their infrastructure, and the organizations they target, empowering business and security leaders to act with speed and confidence.

Recorded Future Intelligence Platform

The universal intelligence solution to protect your organization

Intelligence purpose-built for action

Most diverse collection and analysis

Our Platform continuously collects and structures adversary and victim data from text, imagery, and technical sources, leveraging 10+ years of accumulated data and analysis.

Using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing, our Intelligence Graph transforms massive amounts of data into actionable insights, including transparent evidence sourcing to inform decision analysis.

Persistent, pervasive collection

Intelligence tailored for all security and risk teams

Learn how security teams leverage the power of Recorded Future intelligence

Recorded Future has more than doubled the capacity and effectiveness of my team.

Judy Mayoral-Cybersecurity Manager, Hughes Federal Credit Union

Recorded Future gives us decision-making awareness. It enables SOC (security operations center) managers, or risk managers, to be proactive by aligning threat assessment and analysis, and partner integration capability so they can make those timely proactive, or sometimes reactive, decisions

Today, security intelligence from Recorded Future is an indispensable part of our security operations. It improves the quality of analysis in security monitoring, aids in information sharing, and serves as a repository of intelligence for incident response.

Keita Nagase-CISO, Okinawa Institute of Technology

Over 100 analyst-proven integrations with leading security and IT tools

Intelligence at your fingertips, whenever

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