Mitigate risk from geopolitical events

Geopolitical Intelligence
Real-time intelligence on locations and geopolitical events empowers analysts to understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to them, and take action to protect their facilities, assets, events, and critical third-party organizations.
Identify and assess risks to people, places, and operations around the globe

Detect and monitor threats to your people, places, and operations

To effectively identify and respond to threats to physical assets, analysts need timely, relevant, and actionable insights. Our Geopolitical Intelligence combines machine-driven collection and processing with human analysis, enabling teams to easily detect and monitor threats to their people, places, and operations.

Unlock the true power of geopolitical intelligence

Robust Source Coverage

Leverage Recorded Future’s real-time collection of intelligence from mainstream and hyperlocal news, social media, alternative, open and closed forums, and dark web sources to understand and identify physical threats.

Robust Source Coverage
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