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Finished Intelligence & Reports

Finished Intelligence is human-generated research and analysis conducted by our team of experts, Insikt Group. This team leverages vast experience, our machine-generated threat intelligence, and their own curiosity to deliver unparalleled custom research, insights on the latest threats, and hunting packages for clients to conduct their own research. These insights are valued across security teams, from analysts to security operations to executive teams.

Why Human + Machine?

Machine-generated threat intelligence combined with human analysis delivers a unique combination of comprehensive threat intelligence at scale. The unique insights and expertise that only our Insikt Group can produce arms our clients with the intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of cyber threats.

Why Human Machine

Flexible Options for Different Audiences

Clients Exclusive Blog

Client-Exclusive Blog

Analysis on the latest threats or research is regularly published and available exclusively to clients.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Deep-dive analysis on a particular topic conducted for a specific client at their request. Live links back to the platform ensure the research stays current.

Analyst Notes

Analyst Notes

Analysis and observations included directly in Intelligence Cards™ in the platform provide quick insights to complete the picture.

Broad and Deep Expertise

This elite team comprises analysts, linguists, and security researchers with deep government experience — including work with the United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and National Security Agency. The team also benefits from extensive industry experience and native foreign language skills.

broad deep expertise

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“The depth of knowledge and understanding of the threat landscape is unmatched. Their ability to pull together incredible depth of knowledge on individual threat actors, advanced persistent threat groups, and nation-state actors is amazing.”


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