Managed Detection and Response

Make Security Intelligence Your Competitive Advantage
As a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, speed is the name of the game. Maturing your offerings and continuously delivering value requires real-time context on the internal and external threats facing your customers, so you can effectively accelerate their detection, decision making, and response time.

Perhaps you’ve considered adopting intelligence solutions before, but cost concerns may have kept you from moving forward. Recorded Future knows that intelligence operations is not a zero sum game. Security intelligence is one of the few solutions that can help MDR providers save time while increasing the ROI of existing tools. Perhaps most importantly, security intelligence presents an opportunity for MDR providers to introduce new revenue opportunities.
Recorded Future for Managed Detection and Response

Why MDR Providers Choose Recorded Future

Recorded Future automates the collection, analysis, and production of intelligence at scale to drive accelerated responses across vast amounts of data. We centralize and continuously update intelligence in real time. This empowers analysts to identify relevant, previously unknown threats facing their customers.

In short, security intelligence from Recorded Future helps our partners make better decisions faster — providing them with a competitive advantage.

With more than 10 out-of-the-box SIEM and SOAR integrations, inserting Recorded Future into your security technology stack helps you augment your existing services, improve margins, increase customer value, and improve retention by:

  • Enhancing existing workflows and improving operational efficiency by enabling analysts to focus on higher-value work
  • Scaling external threat data collection — including data from hard-to-access sources, like the dark web and hacker forums
  • Proactively defending against and effectively responding to emerging attacks with high-fidelity intelligence and context

Security Intelligence for Fast, Confident Decision Making

Recorded Future is the market’s only universal security intelligence solution. Our offering delivers more context, updates with relevant intelligence in real time, and integrates seamlessly with existing security solutions so MDR providers can execute on these four use cases:


Recorded Future connects the dots between the broadest range of sources across every language so analysts can take immediate action against the most relevant threats. Analysts can use this intelligence to identify which alerts should be prioritized based on a real—time Risk Score that is backed by transparent evidence about sourcing and weaponization in the wild.


As the attack surface expands, analysts face a constant deluge of alerts. However, without timely context, analysts are forced to spend valuable time on manual research. Recorded Future’s machine—scale collection and analysis provides risk lists for IPs, domains, hashes, malware, and vulnerabilities, providing them with critical context to detect attacks, automate responses, and ultimately reduce risk.


Recorded Future instantly collects and analyzes data from the greatest breadth of sources — including the open web, dark web, and technical sources — to alert you in real time when one of your customers face a new threat. Our Intelligence Goals Library empowers analysts to continuously monitor for intelligence that’s directly relevant to customer organizations and receive real—time alerts. As needed, they can dive into additional evidence to help quickly and decisively resolve incidents.


Whether analysts are hunting for threats in their customer’s environments or reactively researching threats, they're probably spending too much time manually collecting, analyzing, and sharing vast amounts of intelligence. Recorded Future delivers high—fidelity intelligence and curated Hunting Packages on threat actors, campaigns, and malware indicators.These enable analysts to save time and simplify threat hunting workflows for faster identification, analysis, prevention, and remediation of threats.

  • Review 50% more alerts
  • Identify threats 10x faster
  • Resolve threats 63% quicker
  • Identity 22% more threats before impact
  • Boost analyst efficiency by 32%