Recorded Future Transforms for Maltego Now Available

Recorded Future Transforms for Maltego Now Available

November 14, 2014 • Matt Kodama

Webinar: How to use Maltego for better insight into cyber threats. Watch now.

We’re delighted to announce the release of Recorded Future transforms for Maltego!

Why You Care

These transforms make it simple and fast to fuse our information into Maltego investigations.

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know why that’s cool and valuable. If not, here’s the lightning recap.

At Recorded Future, we help analysts by collecting and structuring massive amounts of text data from the public Web to provide real-time insight into what the world is thinking. Analysts using Recorded Future’s open source intelligence (OSINT) in their investigations want to combine and rapidly analyze information from many different sources — both public and confidential — to gain additional context. Maltego is a terrific tool for doing on-the-spot intelligence fusion in a systematic, repeatable way.

Malformity Labs

To bring you this integration, we partnered with Malformity Labs. If cyber threats are your intelligence challenge, you already know Malformity Labs through their integrations with Threat Connect, ThreatGRID, Domain Tools, and Passive Total. They’re experts at this critical juncture of information security and Maltego technology. Working together, our integration delivers you crisp, granular access to Recorded Future with a form factor that matches the rest of your Maltego cyber threat intelligence loadout.

Example of Recorded Future Maltego Transforms

Thanks, Beta Testers!

Many thanks to the beta participants for tons of great feedback, which helped us scope and target this first production release. We’ll knock out even more of your suggestions in our next release!

Next Steps

Interested in learning more? Start by getting more details via these resources:

When you’re finished, contact us for a demo so you can see firsthand how our Maltego transforms will enhance your research of malware and indicators of compromise.

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