ServiceNow Security Incident Response

Posted: 15th April 2022
ServiceNow SIR

Product Overview

As the attack surface grows, so does the abundance of security incidents, which places added stress on already overworked security professionals. To effectively and quickly respond to incidents each day, Security Operationsand Incident Response teams need a way to prioritize which incidents to focus on first so they can optimize their effort for maximum risk reduction. However, collecting contextual data related to an incident is time consuming, and the data can be incomplete when relying on multiple free or public sources of information. Plus, centralizing all of that external information, along with analyst notes and investigation outcomes, is imperative for avoiding duplicative work, inefficiency and missed opportunities to reduce risk.

Detect Threats with Context Correlate and analyze your internal risk data against the widest breadth of open, technical, and dark web sources — and accelerate triage.

Get Real-Time Alerts Monitor and alert on risks related to your company. Real-time alerts trigger the creation of incidents within ServiceNow’s security operations solution, so security professionals can document the actions taken for remediation and audit purposes.

Simplify Workflows Easily check and validate observables using Recorded Recorded Future’s evidence-based risk scores – without ever leaving ServiceNow – to simplify workflows, maximize existing investments, and support a broader team

By harnessing Recorded Future’s rich intelligence in ServiceNow, teams can improve efficiency, resolve incidents faster, and make more confident decisions.