Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are inundated with alerts and events and struggle to keep up to date on the latest threats and threat actors. Lack of external context makes it difficult for an analyst to determine whether an alert or indicator represents a threat to their organization. Integrating threat intelligence with endpoint defenses can be a powerful tool for triage, enrichment, and threat hunting.

Together, Recorded Future and SentinelOne help security teams:

Triage Alerts: Automatically enrich endpoint incidents with real-time threat intelligence from 800,000+ sources

Hunt Threats: Leverage the Recorded Future Threat Triage integration to hunt in SentinelOne using indicators of compromise from Recorded Future intelligence cards

Gain Context: Understand risk with risk scores for IPs, hashes, vulnerabilities, and domains observed in SentinelOne