Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Securaa is a Unified SecOps platform used in Cybersecurity Operations. Securaa blends intelligence, risk-based asset management, vulnerability details, automation, and incident response into one single platform. Through this, security operation centers (SOCs) are able to reduce response time significantly and risk to the environment.

Securaa provides complete visibility of threats to organizations using business-driven KRIs and KPIs. Securaa is suited for organizations that are security-focused and want a single platform to collect, manage, and respond to threats detected by existing security technologies like SIEM, firewalls, threat intelligence, and endpoint protection platforms.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

Securaa and Recorded future empower next-gen SOCs to fuse high-quality intelligence with incoming security issues and automate response. The security issues can range from alerts related to malicious activity on IT infrastructure reported by SIEM & other security systems and software vulnerabilities coming from scanners. Securaa consumes alert and vulnerability scan data from various systems and fuses it with Recorded Future’s threat and vulnerability intelligence. This allows SOCs to focus on alerts and vulnerabilities that have a higher impact on IT infrastructure and ignore the noise. The response can be manual or automated based on the organization’s security teams.

Integration Description

Securaa uses Recorded Future’s intelligence data to enrich alerts, vulnerabilities, and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Securaa also provides playbooks and tasks as part of the automation library to query the Recorded Future platform in real-time to make actionable decisions driven by intelligence. This capability automates manual tasks run by analysts and reduces false positives. These tasks are focused on intelligence lookups and threat hunting. Securaa powered by Recorded Future’s intelligence, ensures that analysts focus on threats that matter to their organization.