RSA Archer® IT Security Vulnerabilities Program

Posted: 15th April 2022
RSA Archer VRM

Product Overview

RSA Archer® IT Security Vulnerabilities Program enables security teams to systematically identify and prioritize threats and vulnerabilities based on the level of risk to the business. These teams can also proactively manage IT security risks by combining asset business context, vulnerability assessment results and comprehensive workflow in one place. IT assets can be cataloged with a full business context overlay to prioritize scanning and response. The consolidated platform for vulnerability management enables centralized tracking and remediation of related issues.

By harnessing Recorded Future’s rich intelligence in RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program, teams can improve efficiency, prioritize vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat, and minimize expensive off-cycle patches.

Recorded Future delivers intelligence to arm security and IT teams using RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program application with real-time information to simplify their workflows, respond faster, and confidently prioritize risks.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

Thousands of new vulnerabilities are disclosed each year. This volume makes it impossible for companies to patch everything. IT Operations teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of vulnerabilities prioritized through traditional asset criticality and severity inputs. However, unpatched vulnerabilities leave openings for attackers to strike, so Security Operations and IT Operations teams need external threat context to prioritize based on the likelihood of vulnerability exploitation, not just the severity.

With Recorded Future intelligence integrated into RSA Archer® IT Security Vulnerabilities Program, it becomes possible to add another layer of fidelity to vulnerability scan results increasing visibility and risk exposure to threats in the environment. Analysts benefit from faster “speed-to-no’ and research capabilities with simple pivots to the Vulnerability Intelligence Cards in the Recorded Future platform.

Users of the joint integration can achieve:

  • Threat-based vulnerability prioritization to reduce risk in the environment
  • Faster awareness of emerging threats that affect your key assets
  • Enrich the context around disclosed vulnerabilities
  • Enhance reporting and carve data sets grouped by attack vector, malware family, etc.

Integration Description

By utilizing the associated Recorded Future risk rules and risk score analysts can better prioritize the most important, severe vulnerabilities in their environment and have the proper context to drive mitigation strategies and provide necessary context to support patching and mitigation needs.

Additionally, customer dashboard metrics can be made available to showcase the data enrichment and context provided by Recorded Future for a more effective threat landscape view of the types of vulnerabilities found in the environment. These metrics and drive prioritization and exposure visibility to aid decision making and resources.